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Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello, Batam

It's Good Friday & since I'm not scheduled to work, my secondary school mates decided that we should plan a day trip to Batam to visit another of our secondary school mates who is there!

I'm arrow-ed to book ferry tickets cos all of them have not done it before. I made a online booking via Batam Fast cos it'll automatically check you in & you'll be able to print your boarding pass once the booking is confirmed. All you need is to go to their counter at Habourfront to collect the white card before boarding.

My face at 6am on Good Friday! Woke up even earlier than going to work!

The crowd was MAD! We totally didn't expected the crowd to be so crazy!

That's us while waiting to board! 

Finally on board Batamfast! This ferry we took was slightly small & stuffy.

On the way, so time to nap!

As usual, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple is the first visiting point. 

Our host, David's car in Batam

While David is driving, Anthony tried taking a group picture with my camera remote control cos he's using Nikon too

David bought us to one of the shop that sells statues cos Emily G wants to get a Bodhisattva Guanyin statue, but she couldn't decide on which statue to buy. Anthony & Randy was playing with the shop owner's cat while waiting for Emily.

After Temple, we head for lunch at Kazu (和) Japanese Restaurant. This is set-up by our host, David. That's him with his 招财猫 pose! haha

Boss is busy looking at bookings while we go around snapping pictures of the restaurant

The interior of the newly renovated restaurant. The restaurant is opened back in year 2000 & recently had a make-over in 2011

The room that we're allocated. Check out the hidden treasure among the Sake Bottles.

Appetizer to start the meal. The server says it's a mixture of fishes, but it taste a bit like braise pork.

None of us brought tripod, so we make use of the Sake bottles. Innovative right? 

Snapped a group picture before we started eating

The weather is so hot I had total of 2 cans of Coke & the signature drink - Peachy Peach. All of them find it not sweet enough but I find it nice. The drink is brewed without sugar cos the Japanese don't like this drink to be served sweet.

Salmon sashimi is a must. 

Potato salad - I quite like the mushy texture. It is also mixed with carrots & zuchini

Some sushi for Anthony & wife, Emily L

Some ramen Emily G & Randy ordered

Emily L ordered 4 servings of Ebi Tempura cos she thought it's only 2pc per portion, but it ended up having 4pc/portion & the ebi is super fat & juicy

Grilled cos fish

"Angry Bird" edition Chawanmushi. I was telling the Angry Bird went into steamer & became Old Angry Bird cos it turns wrinkled. 

Caterpillar. Quite like this cos of the avocado. I'm beginning to like avocado, thanks to Evelyn

Some Udon the server recommended to me.

Anthony ordered Beef Sukiyaki and we were shocked that we have to cook on our own.

The server offered to cook for us cos it's quite complicating to cook

Anthony filming the entire cooking process. Still waiting for him to post the video.Must be damn unglam cos we're talking so loudly & siting like samsui women!

Finally cooked & ready to be eaten

Pudding. Complimentary dessert from boss

Our bill for 5 pax. Quite normal I guess cos we usually spent about $50/pax. Btw, the charges here are all in SGD$, so you don't have to worry if you don;t have enough Rupiah

Us with the Boss, David =)

After lunch, David drove & drop us at Nagoya Mall for shopping & massage while he goes back to work. We went to buy some contact lens & than zoom to the hypermart for some grocery shopping before we head for massage. Managed to get a slot for foot/ back massage at ESKA

Emily L & myself opt for foot massage while Anthony, Randy & Emily G opt for back massage. The chair here happened to be the same as the one I had at home! heehee

All of them commented that my masseur not handsome. haha..  

Cool. got small wash area right below the seat for washing your feet

My shag face.

David picked us up after we're done with shopping, and drove us to Kepri Mall for dinner & more grocery shopping at Carrefour

Dinner at a local place - Resto Sunda

This is like our rojak stall where you pick what you like & they cook it again before serving it to you

My choices - Ketchup potato, beef rendang, grilled squid, fried chicken, fried corn & ikan bilis. Not sure how much this cost cos David picked up the tab

Went shopping at Carrefour after dinner & bought some juice/tea mix

Only in other countries you'll see this. Whole family on a scooter

Time passed so quickly when you're not working! Time to head home, and here's the "aunty" me with 2 bg recycle bags full! 

Again, my shag face after whole day at Batam

Back home, check out my 2 big bags of loots

20 packets of NutriSari assorted juice/tea mix

24 packets of assorted IndoMee/ Mee Sadap

2 full & 3 halfs Original/ Prune Kueh Lapis

6 pairs of Colored Contact Lens - 2 pairs at $20 - $24

False lashes - $1.50/box of 5 pairs

Mac lipgloss - $3 each

Had so much fun at Batam with my Secondary School mates & they're planning for a stay-over trip after I settle down at the new warehouse. 

Thanks David for being such a great host! We'll be back soon~

 Kazu (和) Japanese Restaurant
No. 1-5 Komplek Harmoni Plaza Blok B 2nd Fl, 
Batam. Indonesia
Phone: 0778-455153

Ruko Nagoya Hill Blok P No.3
Fashion Street (East entrance)
Ph (+62-778) 7493906
Batam, Indonesia
Business Hours: 10am-10pm
Website: Eska Wellness


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your contact lens? which mall?

Pauline Tan said...


I bought the contact lens from Nagoya Hill Mall, but can't remember what's the shop name. I would not recommend the contact lens if you're wearing it for long hours.