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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Midas's Birthday @ Lei Garden

Hello, April~ It's time to celebrate our "Birthday Organizer's Birthday"! This time round, Theresa is in-charge of organizing =) 

Due to over-dose of Western & Japanese food, Sam choose to have Chinese food @ Lei Garden, Chijmes for her birthday. Food here was pretty good, but service was not as fantastic as expected. Servers were not attentive and a lot of times, you need to remind them twice when you ask for things, etc. iced water.. We even have to self-serve to the side plates when we cut the cake.

Me, set to attend the birthday lunch =)

Davion decided to become a "mouse"

Venue of today's lunch

Lei Garden @ Chijmes

A live Crab on display!

We were showed to a table at 2nd level.

The table setting

The menu. Wordings on the menu are pretty small, so it's not easy for people with 老花眼 (like me)!

The appetizer, 菜心 with XO Sauce is quite nice. I shall attempt to do it at home one fine day.

Snapped away with Fiona & Theresa while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Candice, expecting her 2nd baby will be due in end-Jul

Candid shot: Sam & Angeline, busy ordering

We mainly ordered Dim Sum as Fiona say's it's quite good. 
Chicken Feet ($4.80); Egg Tarts ($4.30); Vegetarian Goose ($6)- Thumbs up for this! ; Shrimp Dumpling ($5.20). 

流沙包 ($4.30). One of the better one I've had, but I prefer those with plain buns.  

Rice roll (Chee Cheong Fan) with Shrimp ($5.20); Braise Tao Gua ($6) - A little bland & the peanut is quite hard; Carrot Cake ($4.80)- Thumbs up! Especially with the lap-cheong inside!; Shanghai Dumpling ($5.20)

Braise Chicken Feet ($7.80); Mid-wing w/broccoli - Super Salty ($8); Beancurd w/shrimp ($4.80) - A little oily but the shrimp is fat; Fish Porridge ($10.80)

We also order 1 whole Peking Duck ($62). It'll be good if you order this is advance cos limited servings available.

Skin of the Peking Duck is very crispy, but a little oily. Thus causing the crepe to be a little oil too

Shredded duck meat w/noodle ($25)

The kiddos self-entertained themselves with their toys & Miss TT sticking out the tongue when asked to take picture

A proper shot of Sam & Angeline =)

Theresa bought a stalk of Rose for Sam with the balance$ from the cake. BTW, it's Miss TT who choose this stalk of Rose!

Birthday Cake, requested by Sam. She requested for the same cake last year too, so Theresa requested for the wording to be written in blue as last year's wording is in pink. 

When it comes to cake cutting, the kids are more happy than the birthday girl!

The Birthday Girl, Sam

Group pictures using my remote control

One more shot of the Birthday Girl =)

Sam packed home close to half the cake cos 50% of the girls did not turn up today cos most of their kids are sick

On our way out, we saw that the appetizer is on sale @ $18.80/bottle!

The happy kids running around & Angeline got the to stand together & do the jump shot. Unfortunately, only Miss TT attempt to jump!

Last shot of the day =)

Hope Sam enjoys her Birthday Lunch. Once again, 
Happy Birthday Sam =)

Chijmes Lei Garden Restaurant
Address: #01-24 Chijmes, 30 Victoria Street, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6339 3822
Opening Hours:
Lunch : 11.30am to 3pm 
Dinner : 6pm to 11 pm

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