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Monday, 15 April 2013

Tamil New Year

According to the Hindu calendar, 14 Apr 13 was Tamil New Year. I didn't know about it till my Indian friend, Kogu told me about it. Since it's Tamil New Year, he invited us over to his place for some traditional home-cooked Indian vegetarian food cooked by his mum.

As usual, my group of friends (A-Team) are Always late, so I decided to appear late as well! Instead of being there at 4pm, I was there at 5.30pm. Surprisingly, Mike was already there. Usually I'm the first to arrive even thou I'm 1.5hrs late! Jenny's bro was not there yesterday, so there is not enough kaki (leg) for mahjong, so Mike & myself just sit around and play with the Kogu & Jenny's boys.

Heeran is already 8 months old, & he's already on walker. Kogu says he's a lazy bump cos he doesn't likes to crawl when he's being left on the floor. He will use his "big eye" charm to make you carry him.

So jealous of his big eye!

Keeren will be 4 next month, is in nursery class now, engross in writing a Birthday card for Samy (God) cos it's New Year! hahaha

Then he suddenly divert attention to puzzles! His attention is very short-lived, and he diverts attention to another toy easily.

Finally mahjong kaki (leg) came! Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. My mahjong kaki is very multi-racial cos it includes Chinese, Muslim & Indian! My entire group of A-team can play mahjong. Thanks to Mike (the uncle on top) the Mahjong Master! He had a 2 Indians & 2 Muslim disciple! 

Halfway tru mahjong, we stopped for dinner cos food is ready

We had Pumpkin Sambal, Fried Snake Gourd, Mock Mutton & Vegetable Curry

Assam soup, Sambal Tofu, Fried Chili (This is very salty!) & Wadeh

For the first time, my entire plate is full of veggie! Except for the 2 pc of Papadam

Haha.. Jenny being kind, went down to buy some Fried Chicken Wing

Kogu's mum also made dessert - Payasam

After dinner, we resume our mahjong session. Sadly, I only game 3x during the entire session. But due to one of the game is self-game with 5 power, I won $20 at the end of the session

Stopped for some desserts bought by Prakash & Fizah

They bought Chocolate Mousse & D24 Durian Puffs from Emicakes (I ate 1 pc & I still have the Durian smell in my mouth when I burp now!)

Wanted to end the game, but Kogu wanted to play, so we played on for another round. Jenny played for awhile cos Kogu needs to go out to meet a friend. Again, my lucky seat not working this time & I lost $10. I could have lost more if Nizam didn't pay for all on the last game!

Again, thanks Kogu & Jenny for being great hosts! 

Happy New Year, Tamils! 

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