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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Adoption Needed Urgently!

By now, some of you should have known that we have a Guest Puppy at home!

Residents from Jurong Town Council were complaining that these strays are noisy & they chases joggers. Seriously, I don't understand why can't the Town Council choose to engage Pest Control to 'destroy Men's Best Friend!" instead of engaging one of the many Animal shelters to help re-home the dogs.

So, last night (or rather, in the wee hours' today) a group of volunteers from HOPE Dog Rescue rushed to Bukit Batok hoping that they can rescue some strays from being caught by Pest Control company engaged by Jurong Town Council due to complains from residents. 

The volunteers spent a few hours combing the hills of Bukit Batok & finally rescued 7 puppies! Read mpre about the rescue process here: Jurong Town Council Kills

Anyway... ... this morning I woke up hearing an unfamiliar bark. I was thinking probably Weezer or Frostie was being accidentally locked in sister's room cos her door was closed but she's in the living room. When I open the door, I realize both of them are in the room, so I let them out. BUt I still hear the unfamiliar bark near me when I'm in the toilet washing up. It was only when I'm done, Damien & Daryl came into my room and happily told me that there's a puppy in the kitchen. So I went to the kitchen & found a cute little black puppy! 

One of the rescued puppy is in the house! My brother-in-law brought home one of them to foster for the moment, and will bring it to the adoption drive on Sunday. 

Below are some pictures of the rescued puppy we have at home currently.

We would LOVE to adopt one, but we already have 2 JRTs & 4 Loop Ear Bunnies at home, so I reckon we can't take in another one, so we really HOPE they gets a nice home.

For those who are keen (or rather, knows someone who is keen) to adopt one of these puppies, please email or for more details.

Before you adopt these puppies, do note that having a pet is a LIFE-TIME COMMITMENT. Do not adopt just because they're cute now. They will outgrown the cuteness. 

Please adopt only if you can commit a LIFE-TIME! 

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