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Friday, 26 April 2013

Charging Cables

Colleague's hubby went KL for meeting & didn't come pick up after work, so we gotta go back on our own on public transport Since I'm taking public transport, I decided to take bus79 to Jurong Point cos I need a new Earphone. Have been without Earphone for the past 1 week! 

Not buying expensive ones cos my Earphone doesn't serve me well, so I bought these Earphone from MiniToons @ $5 each. I bought an extra piece cos don't wanna be caught in days without earpiece again

Upon checking out, I was given a FREE Earphone Jack Plug.

Proceed to Toy Outpost to buy cables. Bought 2 normal iPhone Cables & 2 Micro Cables cos yes, I have a habit of buying an extra cos these cables tend to spoil easily

I left the original 3-way charging cable in the office, so I bought these Micro Charging Cable so that I can charge the Power Bank at home also. 

Since the original 3-way charging cable is in office, it's also slightly faulty & a lot of times, it's not charging my iPhones properly & it's quite silly bulky to bring the entire 1M iPhone charging cable,  these 2 iPhone Charging Cables are for charging my iPhone3GS/ iPhone4S when I'm out. 

and of cos, I'm loving the 4-USB Power Hub which I bought from Qoo10 sometime back cos it's able to charge 4 of my gadgets at the same time! I have 1 in my room & 1 in office so that I don'y have to bring in around everyday! =D

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