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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Yan Palace | Birthday Celebration for 3 Generations

Mum's birthday is around the corner & so that calls for a celebration. Kor suggested Yan Palace which we were here 2 years ago for mum's birthday too
Wefie first while waiting for foodFirstly, longevity bunsCombination platterShark's Fin soupRoasted ChickenCod fish steam with garlicYam Paste with fruits rojakVegetables with mushroom & mock duckPrawns with ginger & onionNoodlesAnd lastly, mango sago pomelo Nathan fooling around with the napkinBirthday cake chosen by DamienApart from mum's birthday, we're also celebrating for 3 generations cos Mum, kor & Damien (nephew) are all born in September!Family pictureDamien helping to cut the cakeMum with her 5 grandsonsOops, no.. it's 6 grandsons cos the 6th boy is on his way! =D
Happy Birthday to all the September babies =)

Yan Palace Restaurant
Hong Lim Complex
Blk 531 Upper Cross Street #01-49
Hong Lim Complex Singapore 050531
Tel: 6222-2516
Fax: 6533-2013

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