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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mooncake Making

Mid-autumn festival is round the corner & it's time to munch on moon cakes. This year I decided to try my hands on making my own snow skin moon cake and so I went to Angeline's house to learn form her.
Her recipe book =DAngeline bought different types of paste & also prepared the sugar syrup 40g shortening. We're doing 3 portions, so everything we're weighing will be in x3100g glutinous rice flourAngeline suggested using HK Fried glutinous rice flour for easier handlingMix both ingredients in low speedAdd in sugar syrup & coloring (if desired) into the mixture & continue to blend in low speed. Once wet ingredients are blended into the dough, turn to high speed and blend into dough that doesn't sticks to hand25g per piece for mini moon cake15g of paste per pieceThen we choose some of the cute molds Roll it, press it... ...And there it goes! After a while, Mel got all her share done!Mine. The ingredients yields about 12 mini mooncakesDifferent color, different flavorGreen round - pandan skin, white lotus paste
Green square - pandan skin, white lotus paste with salted egg yolk
Yellow round - banana skin, chocolate paste
Orange round - mango skin, mango pasteOur creationsDinner when we're done with mooncake makingAll prepared by Angeline!After dinner, we make one more round - pink color plain skin, pandan lotus with egg yolk fillingHaha.. we had fun making mooncakes together. Maybe next  year I will buy some molds to make my own =) but then again, it's damn fun doing it together!
Everyone who ate it says it's nice as it's not too sweet.

Thanks Angeline for sharing you recipe!

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