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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Legoland Theme Park

Check-out from Legoland Hotel, leave our belongings in Alvin car & off to Legoland Theme Park!
Wefie before we start our day =)Some pictures first... ... Eh, spot something? Wah, the park got maintenance leh.. see, they updated the mini Singapore with "Happy Birthday Singapore" SG50 logo as well!First on the list before we start our ridesNinja Go show!Very traditional way of presenting the show!Some videos of the show can be found on my YouTube channel, but it was just part of the showAfter the show, rides time!Rescue AcademyThe kids, except Daryl went driving cos they were too young for it during their previous visitDaryl on the other hand wants to try the Boating SchoolBut the moment he board, he started to feel bored cos basically nothing needs to be done apart from stepping on the accelerator =DSo my little captain is in controlWhile still waiting for the kids to finish driving... ... Wefie before we move onProject X roller coasterYes, we all did it. Of cos, sis who is pregnant looks after the belongings only lah.. But erm, the bff also just sits around & look only!Both the young girls went to Mindstorms right after the Ninja Go show & they are still here when we passby, so we leave them here & continue to move on to other ridesAqua zone wave racer. Damien was initially scared to do it on his own, end up doing it a couple of times on his own after doing it with me for the first roundNext, Technic TwisterThen we went for Star Wars exhibitDancing LegosConquering the baby Dragon, now adult Dragon!Again, Damien was a little scared initially but gets hooked on it & we took a total of 4x!Yeah! Conquered the Dragon!We managed to catch a Lego man when we came out from the many ridesSince there was no one in queue. we took quite a couple of photosContinue to more ridesRoyal Joust. Boring lah, so we leave it to the kids only  =DLunch finally, at close to 3 pmFamily combo at RM$95, a 14" pizza, 4 soups, 4 chicken wings, 4 drinks & 4 fruitsWanted to go to the viewing tower but it was closed for maintenance, so we went for the 4D show, which was quite boring, compared to the one at USSBeetle BounceOne last rideTotally drenched cos we took it twice =D

Again, we stayed at the park till it closes the door!

Time to head home

One last wefie before we leave. 

Legoland Theme Park, till we see you again!

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