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Monday, 7 September 2015

Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park, here we come again! This time with sis's bil & family, as well as le bff & family! 
I shall leave the pictures to do the talking =)Someone excited, so he's carrying the trolley for swimming useWe took a couple of rides/ slide before hitting Lego Slide Racer. Couple of videos here & hereAfter rides/ slides, the kids went to build a boat & race it

Head over to lazy pool before moving on to the wave pool

Empty cos no wave at the moment =D

So we took lunch

4 combo meals for 5 of us. Each meal ranging from RM$25 - RM$28, comes with a drink & a fruit
Very thirsty, so bought additional drink. Quite good deal here cos the vitamin water at RM$7 with any adult meal purchase, come with a free keychain. Keychain on it's own is RM$21.15The boys enjoying their lunchThe girls on the other hand ate bread that their mum preparedAll the kidsWhile the kids went out for more rides, myself, bff & sis laze around in the wave poolLaze around till water park close! Time to head back to hotel roomLegoland Water Park, till we meet again! 

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