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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Garfield Run 2015 & 鼎泰豐

Wendy shared info on Garfield Run & so I shared with the voodoos. JJ who doesn't run immediately says she's keen. Thus, myself & Ivy signed up to support her
Race pack collection is 2 weeks before the race at Velocity. Queue is pretty long but it was pretty fast as there are many counters open for collectionRace pack consists of the race tee, race bib, drawstring bag & cushionShoe & bag for the day: Melissa & Daryl's Converse sling bag
Changed into the race tee before leaving officeSentosa beach stationThe starting point for the run. Getting ready
JJ's virgin run event, so having some difficulty in putting on the race bib =DFeeling silly cos it's her first "run" =DOdie & Garfield out to flag off the raceReady... steady... GO!
No photo opportunity, so must try to grab any possible selfie chance
Half way tru the 2.5 km walk. Well, the walk is supposed to be 4 km but it was being scaled down due to the haze0.5 km more!
Yesh, we're done but JJ can't be found cos she's a little far back from us Water & cookies after the race to refill our energyCute finisher medalWahaha... everything also SG50After the race, we went to the carnival & managed to catch Garfield & Odie danceA mass group picture with runners. Did you manage to spot me & JJ? I hope you did!Since no chance for picture with mascots, we have to make do with thisAfter the run, we went to reward ourselves at 鼎泰豐Pickled vegetablesSlice pork with cucumberCentury egg with garlicDou miao with garlicFried Rice with pork chopXiao Long BaoFried rice with shrimpNai baiFree Duck popiah with $100 purchased for Citibank members
Had fun at the run although it's just 2.5 km. A good exercise since I have not been yoga-ing for the last 1.5 months.

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Singapore 098138
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