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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Afternoon Tea @ Axis Bar | Jo's Birthday

After having picnic with the girls at Gardens by the Bay, I went to meet up with Sam & Jo at Axis Bar for Jo's birthday afternoon tea treat
Supposed to have a pretty view but due to the haze, the view is not as fantasticJust in case you could not decide what kind of tea to order, all the teas available are in small containers here for you to smell before you decideThe afternoon tea is prices at $42/pax, with selections of 1 tea & 1 coffeeMy selection of tea - Eternal SummerHee hee.. no, this is not a drink. It's Masala Chai & Cinnamon Jelly Seriously, I couldn't really figure out what is what cos most of the items comes in Indian names. Most of the items taste pretty much alright2 different puffs which we can't really figure it out but the round one with fish filling taste quite awful to us, probably the smell from one of the spice usedPineapple scone, cookies & cream scone, both taste pretty good on it's own. Pineapple scone taste a little like eating pineapple tarts thouDesserts are served in 3-tier trayPretty good for all except for the lemon thingy which contains alchol which none of us likesWe requested for slice of birthday cake & this was presented after they served the desserts. It was initially served with message "Happy Anniversary" but was very quickly changed to the correct message

The birthday girl, JoannaWe were a little engrossed with the food we forget about the 2nd selection of drink. As I do not drink coffee, I requested for Hot Chocolate. And because Jo wants something cold, they oblige her request as she is the birthday girl =) 

An enjoyable afternoon spent with the lovely ladies & hope Jo enjoys her tea. 

Once again, Happy Birthday Joanna

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