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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Steamboat in Office

It's been awhile since we had steamboat in office. The last we had was back in Feb before CNY. Siew Hoon, craving for steamboat initiate one.
I woke up a little earlier than usual so that I can go NTUC to buy all the ingredients before company transport pick upThe amount of food we bought for 8 paxSH also bought a few itemsAK sponsored abalones

I couldn't find apron, so these 2 girls made an apron out of recycle papers for me =D
=DThen  I suddenly found out I got a huge cut on my right index finger but seriously, I can;t remember when & where I got the cut fromHere, all prepared for lunchHalfway tru preparing, SH & SK was being asked to go out for lunch with customer, so only left wiht 6 of us (R3 wasn't eating as she has allergy to chicken)After lunch, washed up & gets ready for day 2 cos we have quite a bit of left overDay 2 situation! All of us, except for AK After 2 days of feasting, there are still some crabsticks & hotdogs left , so I brought them home to make snacks for themBut I forgot to check on the crabsticks & by the time I realized, it is already burntLuckily hotdog puffs are safe =)
Had fun steamboat-ing in office & hopefully we 'll be able to do another one soon

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