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Monday, 3 August 2015

Zheng Hua Primary School SG50 National Day Observance Ceremony & Brisk walk

Sunday morning activity with the family. We were up very early on Sunday morning due to Daryl's school, is having an event, namely Zheng Hua Primary School SG50 National Day Observance Ceremony & Brisk walk, and we are supposed to report to the school at 7 am!

Took a bus to the school, which is like 3 bus stops away
The Sunday morning scene in the schoolEvery participant has to purchase a ticket which entitles to lucky draw & refreshmentsFour of us only cos Daryl has to report to his teacher in-chargeWefies while waiting for the brisk walk flag off

Can you remember Sharity elephant? 

Spotted Nila too! So cute cos Nila is squeezing Damien's face
Flag off!More wefies
Both of them are tired, so they re-route to coffee shop to take a rest while we continue with the 4 km walkMP for Bukit Panjang is at the finishing line, thanking all parents for participatingThe refreshments While waiting for Daryl to be back from reporting to the teacher

haha... someone spotted Nila again
The happiest boy of the day cos he gets to snap a few picture with Nila

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