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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Choya Cooking Studio | Live Demo & Hands-On

I received an mail from The Asia Media/ Hai Japan and was invited to an event hosted by Choya Cooking Studio in collaboration with Spoonful’s chef Mako Smith and  Spoonful’s founder Yasuko Aoki at Candylicious @ Vivo City

In this session, invited guests to learn cooking, baking tips & desserts using Choya Umeshu
As I am allowed to bring a friend, I brought along Angeline who has talent in baking & cookingInvited guests gets to hands-on Umeshu CakeAs well as Umeshu Vegetable Pickles After which, Chef Mako demonstrated on dishes like Choya Umeshu Marinated Seafood & Umeshu Jelly Guests were treated to a couple of dishes prepared using ChoyaI personally love this pasta which is drizzle with Choya Umeshu marinateRice of the sushi is prepared with Choya instead of vinegar. The Umeshu Cake that the guests did, but this was prepared by ChefFinally, our cake are done!Chef Mako brushing some Umeshu onto the cake to let it sip into it. Ours =)Guests gets a goody bag as well =)
We had great fun during the session & thanks gto TheAsiaMedia for the invite. 

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