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Sunday, 23 August 2015

SIA Light Up The Night Carnival 2015

Singapore Airlines, together with Rev Up Singapore & Singapore GP presents SIA Light Up The Night Carnival for the second year. Again, it was held at F1 Pit Building
Daryl wants to try out Go Kart this year cos the queue was mad long last year. Sadly, this year he is still unable to try cos min height limit is 150 cm & he is only 140 cm Not sure if there's any cars on display last year during day 2 of event, but  there isn't any display of cars on display during day 2 of event this year. This is the only car that is on display Since the boys can't go for Go Kart, they went to try out other activities. First on the list, Pit Stop ChallengeWell, of cos they were only there to change tireMission accomplishedPhoto opportunities... ...Second stop, Race SimulatorsWhile the boys queue for race simulators, I went to grab some drinks for everyone. Kind of boring cos there is only 1 F&B van available. Last  year there was a couple of eats available while proper tent & tables.The boys couldn't reach the accelerator, so they have to sit on daddy's lap. Daryl's turnDamien & Daddy's turnCardboard Racing Car displayHalfway tru designing the carA plain car, yet to be drawn. 
Hmm.. it's funny how some people can think that their toddler is light enough to sit in the cardboard car without damaging it
Next stop - Stunt display. This is also the moment the kids are looking forward to cos they enjoyed the show last year. However, we were told that seats are full and we will have to stand & watch.When we are at this point, we were being stopped & told to stand & watch from here. 
But wait... how do you define "FULL" by looking at this picture? When asked, we were told that due to safety issue for public, the show is limited to only 300 people cos only 300 seats are secured & safe for siting. Also, we should come early if we want to watch.  

What? Firstly, There isn't any information or communication stating that the show is only limited to 300 people. Secondly, if you are talking about only 300 seats are secured, how can you be sure that these 300 seats are safe? Thirdly, safety issue? Are you trying to tell me that you are risking hundreds of people's life last year cos you just set up barricade to corner off?  

It is truly a disappointment, especially to the boys!
Since we couldn't get to watch the stunt performance, we went up to level 2 to take a look at the games and again, there were photo opportunitiesEnjoying popcorn. No, it's not free 'D
Candyfloss bigger than my faceThe boys are still a little moody cos they didn't get to watch t he stunt performance, but their mood was quickly lifted by Bloco Singapura as the group allows the boys to join them in the beatSome souvenirs from participating in the games Dinner at Singapore Food Trial at Singapore Flyers after the eventWalk along the race track after dinnerAlso went to the exhibition on history of Hill Street 47 - Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce at the Flyers before heading home

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