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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Alexia's Baby Shower

Hello Alexia, we meet again! It's baby Alexia's full month & she's officially ready to meet the world =)
Catering was from Neo GardenYummylicious glutinous rice from Lek LimBoys will be boys .. all engrossed in playing gamesGirls will be girls"Aunties" doing the wefies =DWe managed to hi-jack baby but she is still sleepingBut just when we were saying that she's sleeping, she started crying. Eh, one little girl photobombing our wefie
wahaha.. can't remember, but someone sent this picture of us doing wefie with baby & another kiddo photobombing us =DHaha.. continue our wefieThen we finally managed to catch mummy Theresa for wefieBaby is finally awake!Love her thick black hairThen sis took over Somehow, Alexia keeps staring at her Yeah... more wefiesPracticing feeding =DOn the way home, trying to get the boys to snap a picture together but... ...too difficult cos they're simply too active =DThanks Drexler & Theresa for inviting us to join them in celebrating their 2nd bundle of joy. 
Once again, congrats on the arrival of Alexia =)

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