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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Day Trip to Johor Bahru

Since I am on leave, Kogu & Jenny suggested going to JB
After picking me up, they decided to let Keeren tag alongFirst stop, AEON MallTea Garden for dim sumMy handsome little friendLohan Guo with longan drink is nice while coke is flat. TerribleSweet Potato Fries with sour plum powder. YumsCustard Bun is pretty good, with flowy custardMutton CurryChicken Chop with mushroom sauce for KeerenMine's Chicken Chop with black pepper sauceFor the first time, he's learning how to use fork & knife to feed himselfJenny's Nasi Lemak
After late lunch, we went to supermarket cos they wanted to grab some groceries
After that, we went Putri Harbour. Somehow, this place looks very much similar to One Degree 15 at Sentosa CoveSpotted BatmanAnd SupermanA-ha! It's The Super Heroes storeWow, there's even a cafe withinSince we were still quite full from the late lunch, we decided to grab some drinksWahaha... eating again! The cat is damn smart. She keeps stationing herself at the door & sneaks in whenever someone opens the door, but keeps getting chased out by the staffs. Super never give up lah this kitty.. lolDinner before we head back homeThe Masak Merah Rice Wrap is pretty good.OMG! Kogu even bought satay into KFC, but surprisingly, no one stop us from doing that. Probably it's common there ("_")

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