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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Agility, 40 Years of Excellence Service

Agility Singapore celebrates 40 Years of Excellence Service! Celebration is planned across the board for all facilities.
Each & every staff gets a goody bag which includes a mug, an EzLink & a ticket to Cirque Du Soleil Totem on Nov'14
And a new polo tee which we are all supposed to wear on the day of celebration. Siew Hoon suggested that all of us wears denim skirt on the day, so I took the chance to put on my striking Melissa =)

Celebration mood in the office, so we were like doing a it of selfie/wefie
Testing out selfie stickDepartment wefieSiew Hoon bought 2 of the novelty glasses & insists that I wear it with herAnother department picture
Siew Hoon & myself being long service awardees, are supposed to be at CN1 for photo takingHello, JoyceAll are sporting to put on the novelty glasses for pictures
Yeah. while the company celebrates her 40th birthday, I celebrates my 10th year of service
Pictures overload for the rest of the post. No captions needed
Haha,,, Siew Hoon commented that Jason smiles awkwardly.
Probably bored cos I forced him into taking a picture =D .. but no lah, I think he smiles normally lah.. I'm not so scary ok..  lolThe CN5 girls whom Siew Hoon intro to us when she came overUs from CN6Many snaps ... lolMr Mykell Lee joins us in our department picture. He also sportingly wore the novelty glasses & suggested we do the "Chicken" pose since our core customer is KFCHmm... what are we looking at? Mr Mykell Lee suggested we all look up for picture cos that implies that we're "Looking up for better future"The bossesThe 5 - 25 years awardeesBack at CN6, another department picture, with our delivery truck at the backLunch was catered for all employees across all facilitiesIn the evening, long service awardees are invited for dinner at Capri HotelPoolside dinner. Bad point is, it's a little too dark we have to use support light from our mobileSiew Hoon, 15 years of serviceThe cake moment. Super chio cake lah! 
Happy 40th Birthday, Agility!
Birthday song for the company =)Then again, wefie momentsPardon the darkness cos this was taken at about 12.30 am =D
Once again.. .. Happy 40th Birthday, Agility!

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