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Monday, 17 August 2015

Heeran is 3

Heeran is 3! Again, we're all invited to his birthday party & this year's theme is MinionSo to match the theme, I painted my nails with Minion. A little messy buy not bad lah =D

No Minion clothes, so wear yellow & blue lah
Party bannerPostersMinions all over the houseGoody bag from the host
Haha.. ok lah, I think I look quite like a Minion =D
Birthday boy

With my pressie

Fooling around with birthday boy's Minion
Uncle Nizam, the bike too small for your fat butt lahMakan timeFollow by mahjong timeBirthday boy's Minion cakeHappy 3rd Birthday, HeeranOur many pictures with the birthday boyJenny also gave me a pack of "gao-sai" & chocolateThen we went for prata after everyone leftSpot a familiar face? Yes.. he's none other than Ebi Shankara, one of the host for SG50 NDP
Thanks Kogu & Jenny for inviting & being the super host ever!

Srisun Prata
Blk 132, Bukit Batok West Ave 6,
Singapore 650132

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