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Friday, 7 August 2015

CCSS-ians meets | taan (“炭”) & CBTL Beanstro

CCSS-ians meets again. This time round, EmilyG suggested taan (“炭”) as she finds this place quite reasonably priced. 
Menu for ala carte buffetPrice for buffetI am the first to reach, thus waited quite long for them!The staff was nice to offer me some chips while I waitIn order not to let them chase me out, I quickly ordered a drink while I waitLong BeansKimchi Soup which is quite blandPork Balls & Bacon AsparagusChicken SatayCrispy Fish Skin which is super crispyAssorted grills like prawns, chicken & beef which taste all the same to me cos same seasoning (chilli powder) is being usedMushroom with soy sauce & pepperPumpkinMala Noodles which taste quite weird to usThai Style Fried TofuChicken WingTaiwan SausageMid Joint WingsWe ordered another round of long beans but requested it to be done without chili powderSatay is probably the one of the better dish, so we ordered 20 pc (10 pork & 10 chicken) againSquid ball that tasted more flour than squidEnoki Bacon is good too as it can taste the original flavorHonestly, we prefer the teriyaki flavored chicken than those with chili powderWe also happen to meet another secondary school mate hereAfter dinner, we went over to Marina Bay SandsHead down to Beanstro for coffee &  dessertGreat evening spent with the school mates before the long weekend starts. 

taan (“炭”)
30 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189051

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