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Monday, 25 August 2014

Yachting with BOB Marine

Sue's hubby invited all of us to go out on sea for a yachting experience to Lazarus Island with BOB Marine 

As I was going from work, I head direct to One Degree 15

Our ride with BOB Marine

The internal of the yacht

Sue's BIL's kids. The girl also happens to be Daryl's classmate

Sue's bb, Ryan

Oops, got bullied by the kiddos

Are we ready? 
Ok, everything checked! Let's go!

Pictures time ~~~~ ~~~  *warning - pictures overload

Very quickly, we have come to open sea at Lazarus Island. The yacht we were on anchored next to another boat & all of us went onboard the bigger boat to meet up with the rest

As the boat is anchored near the beach, they had some fun stuffs to ferry the kids to-fro the beach/ boat

The rest of the pictures need no captions I'm sure!

Hahaha... the kids obviously had fun being ferried to-fro the beach/ boat

While the kiddos goes out on sea, me & sis stay on board since we're can't swim

After few hours of being on sea, we took a rest at the upper deck

Then my bil & Daryl decides to jump into the sea from the boat. Here's a video of them jumping - Daryl & his dad

Then they started on bbq

While some trying to start up the karaoke system

Heading back to the dock at One Degree 15

Coincidentally, the yacht that I took the week before was docked next to us

While all of them stayed on for BBQ & karaoke, I left cos I'm meeting the Voodoos for dinner

It was a nice yachting experience & I'm sure we will ride on it soon again

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