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Monday, 18 August 2014

Universal Studios Singapore - NHG Family Day

Heading to Universal Studios Singapore with sis & family for National Healthcare Group's family day after the Light Up Carnival at F1 Pit Building

Before we move on, let's take a wefie first =)

While everyone goes for the Water show at Water World, we head direct to Goldilocks for dinner

As the tickets comes with $10 F&B voucher, we utilized all of it for dinner

Bought the family meal since there's 5 of us

Wefie =)

All the rides are open throughout the night & Daryl wants to go for this ride. Duhz.. waited close to an hour to to hop on the ride

Success! Daryl is drenched even with poncho, but he's loving it =D

Drying pot to dry themselves

Taking a rest ... ... 

The next ride, Transformers

While Daryl has taken this ride a couple of times, it was his daddy's virgin ride!

It was already about 10.30 pm when we're done with 2 rides and when we're out, we saw the crowd.. OMG.. Super crowded!

Since the ticket comes with $10 Retail vouchers, we decided to utilized it all since we won't be coming back anytime soon

While waiting for bil & sis to finish shopping, I went to buy a packet of popcorn which I promised Damien before we even reach USS

Met the Minions! But... ... halfway in the queue, Damien says he's not keen anymore, so we left the queue

Although it was very short hour, the boys enjoyed themselves a lot. Thanks aunty Lily for the tickets =)

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