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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

7th Month Praying in Office

It's the annual lunar 7th month praying in the office. For the past few years, we have been ordering buffet from Delihub for the praying & then had dinner at the main office. 

However, there will not be any dinner organized for this year. Thus, they ordered buffet separately for staffs consumption & ordered few dishes from the nearby tze char stall for praying. 

Lunch was catered from Chili Padi Catering. By the time we went for lunch, nothing much was left for CS. All the warehouse PRCs whacked a mountain full of food on their plate! The only dish left untouched is the Chap Chye! The rest of the dishes are almost gone!

The other dish left untouched is the Kueh Pie Ti cos it's also part of vegetable =D

Satay .. only 3 pieces left for 6 of us

Longan drink also left untouched

Nonya Kuehs, that's all it's left for 6 of us

After lunch, we went out to help with the burning of joss papers

The urn too small

The papers too much!! So much till we took about 3 hours just to remove the plastics, strings & bands... and by the time we left office, one of the guy is still burning after burning it for the past 5 hours! 

This year, the main office also engaged "sai-gong" to do some prayers

Alamak, this May... the more she helps, the more mess she creates!

Haha... someone asked her to pose with 2 bug Huat Kuehs so that she can feel the pressure of big boobs =D

Someone in the team exclaimed "oh, Chicken!" .. when we turn around & look at her, she replied "oh no.. it's piggy".. =D=D=D

Who's the pig head? =D

Then yes, I am asked to chop all the roast pig, roast pork, roast duck & roast chicken. Why the face? Cos I'm using a fruit knife to chop all these mentioned items! 

huhuhuh... success! Managed to chop all the roasted items using that fruit knife!

Then we went back to office to split the stuffs from the praying box which I shared with May

She wanted the storage box, so I stuff my bag silly cos my recycle bag is packed with all the roasted meats already. Duhdz.. this bag really lives up to it's name of Neverfull! 

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