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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Heeran's 2nd Birthday Party, on Yacht!

Heeran is 2 

Kogu & Jenny hosted a yacht party within close friends & immediate family member. As usual, I'm one of the invited guest to the event. This year's theme is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I went to The Party Stuff to help Jenny get some themed related party stuffs but... ... TMNT stuffs are too hot. Most of the items are either out of stock or left with last piece

I also went shopping at ToyRUs to get present for Heeran. I bought TMNT costume for Heeran & to prevent Keeran for being unhappy, I also bought a mask for him

While shopping at JEM NTUC, I found some TNMT themed party stuffs as well. 

Then I also help Kogu in preparing the corn for bbq

On the actual day of party, I shared a cab with Jenny's brothers & head direct to OneDegree15

Selfie while waiting for the rest of them to arrive

The very chio pool

View while walking on the way to the yacht

Here's our ride for the day from White Sails

Ex-captain from White Sails who happened to be Kogu's cousin, giving us a brief run down of the yacht rules

The host & the birthday boy

So off we go... ... to Lazarus Island, and pictures time!

There we are, Lazarus Pier

We docked at the pier & head to the land for bbq

Mini BBQ pit 

Mee goreng & kway teow goreng by Kogu's mum

Some misc stuffs for the kids

The captain & crew double up as bbq crew

Cats everywhere & some kind souls bought food for them

The guys jumping into the sea from the bridge! 

They decided to head over to the beach at the other side of the ialand

Very pretty beach & lots of yacht anchored at open sea

After an hour or so, we head back to the yacht

Then the guys jumped into the sea from the upper deck of the yacht (video)

Some more pictures on the yacht while waiting to cut cake

Cake cutting time. Jenny ordered the cake from a home-based baker, Megan's Cuppies

Happy Birthday, Heeran! 

woots~ A rainbow cake! The cake is a little dry & a tad too sweet

After the cake cutting, it's time to head back to OneDegree15

Back for a quick shower at the club

And had some munchies while waiting for everyone to be ready

Jenny got the home-based baker to specially bake some cuppies for both my nephews

Both Keeren & Heeran saw their favorite car in the carpark & took a picture with it

Hitched a ride out to Vivo cos I need to ruch to Bedok for dinner

Once again... ... 

Happy Birthday, Heeran. May you grow up a happy boy =)

Also, Thanks Kogu & Jenny for the invite

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