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Thursday, 7 August 2014

ATeam Kid No.3!

Woohoo~ ATeam meets for dinner again. We usually have impromptu meet up, but tonight we meet for a reason. We're going to meet the ATeam Kid No.3 after dinner! 

Since we're going Thomson Medical after dinner, we're back at 881 Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee. It's been a long time since we last came. We used to be here almost every Sunday cos the boss happens to be Kogu's friend. 

Dishes we had for dinner - Slice Fish with Spring Onion (fish slices are fresh, but do be careful cos it might have bones); Chai-po Omelette; Stir-fry Kai Lan (Very good wok-hei) ; XO Fish Soup (w/o milk cos I don't take milk); Yam Ring (very tender yam!); Salted Egg Prawn & Salad You Tiao. Food stuffs here are pretty good, but since it's tze char stall, don't expect service lah.. =D

My happy friend cos Yam Ring is one of his favorite dish!

By now, you must be wondering, so much food? For how many pax?

Yes! Food for 5! A lot huh? I know lah.. that's how all of us ends up with this size! haha

Next stop ~ Thomson Medical Centre! 5 years ago, we were camping here, waiting for the arrival of Keeren. Tonight, we're here to visit Prakash Jr =)

Daddy Prakash doesn't quite wants the whole world to know the details, so ... ... only pictures.

Now, presenting... ... Prakash & Fizah's not-so-little bundle of joy =)

"Not-so-little"? haha... check out the weight above.. it's above 4 kg! 

Prakash's signature grouchy look =D

ok, at least now he's smiling =)

Oops.. angry? cos Nizam keeps disturbing him

Happy parents; The Rao family

Uncle Nizam. Baby cries when passed over to him. Bully =D

Kogu with his signature Papa pose! He had the same pose 5 years ago with Keeren & 2 years ago with Heeran

A selfie with baby who's sleeping soundly when passed over to me. Probably I've got big cushion on my tummy =D

Baby also cries when passed over to Jenny, so no picture of her with baby

We left after staying for awhile to let mummy Fizah rest. Both mummy & baby are doing well as of now. 

Once again, Congrats Prakash & Fizah on the arrival of Prakash Jr.

881 Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee 香港街珍達记
412 Balestier Rd 
Singapore 329805
Tel: 6254 5768

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