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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

中元节 Dinner @ Bedok

Rushed over to Bedok from Heeran's birthday party for some 中元节 dinner cos mum has got a few seats available from her biding of items last year. 

The boys went along this year since mum has quite a few seats

Cold dish - otah, smoked duck, century eggs, mini sausages, prawns & jelly fish. Taste pretty good

The boys 

Fish maw soup is full of ingredients

Herbal Duck steam with chinese sausage & chestnut. Broth is light yet flavorful

Damien obviously is enjoying the first 3 dishes

While Daryl is bored cos he doesn't really fancy all the dishes served so far

Next, Mocked Chicken with mushroom & scallop

Steam Fish Teochew style. Fish is very fresh

Mum's friend knows that Damien loves fish, thus brings over their un-touched dish.

Happy boy cos he gets to eat more fish! 

Bored while waiting for next dish to be served

Salad prawn

Someone's finally happy cos got prawns

Woohoo~~ Kong Bak Bao! 

Taste damn good but the pork is so small piece

2 happy boys cos they love kong bak bao

What? tabao?! haha... we tabao-ed quite a bit cos mum's friend at the other table didn't really touched all the dishes

Dessert - Red bean ice cream!

Wahaha... tabao again!

The boys somehow enjoyed the dinner experience but cos mum didn't bid any stuffs this year,  there won't be any of such dinner next year

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