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Monday, 11 August 2014

Golden Mile Food Center - ATeam's Dinner

We meet up for impromptu dinner again. Went Golden Mile food center after running some errands with Kogu & Jenny at Little India. 

While trying to figure out what to eat, this signage "Design Your Own Gourmet Pasta" caught my attention

Savis - Pasta & Chops are barely opened for a month! Here, you are able to create your own pasta by choosing your pasta base, type of pasta, type of vegetables, meat and/or seafood. Pasta sauce are made daily using only the freshest ingredient and pasta are prepared individually. 

Menu is not very intense, but good enough for hawker center stall

Another cool marketing technic here! Like their Facebook page & get a free Mushroom soup

Nothing to rave about on the mushroom room

Jenny is lazy to customized her own pasta, ordered the default - Seafood Marinara Pasta

I customized mine: Penne ($3) with Pesta Sauce + Asparagus ($1) + Prawns ($3) + Calamari ($3) + Caviar ($2) = $12

Penne was done al dente but couldn't really taste the pesto sauce. I wanted broccoli but it was sold out. Thus I added asparagus, which I find it a little overcooked & had somehow lost the crunch. Prawns were fresh & sweet. I was quite disappointed when the calamari turns out to be fried. Caviar thou kind of tasteless, adds an extra crunch to the pasta. Definitely has some room for improvement, but quite good for the price tag.

Truffle Fries, hmmm.... no smell & taste of truffle oil 

Kogu & Nizam had Curry Fish Head. I didn't ask for the stall name but it was from a Chinese stall. Pretty good.

Kogu also ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken from the same stall & it's quite yummy. Sweetness & sourness was just right & it was very tender

Satay, also from a Chinese stall. Very tender & gravy was very thick but lack of peanut fragrant

Fried Chicken is very tasty & crispy!

I know right! Again, food for 4 pax which yes... it's a lot! =D

Last but not least... ... let us take a wefie first cos someone here needs to do some reporting & I'm the monitress that's in-charge of taking attendance =)

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