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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Morning-City Beauty House

I was introduced to eyelash extension by my sis about 5 years ago, but only did a few times cos it can be quite inconvenient when washing up & it kind of gets in the way when I wear specs at home. 

But since there's 2 weddings & Chinese New Year is all happening this month, I decided to go for it after having a break for like 4 years! 

Recommended by my sis, I went to this Morning-City Beauty House at Bishan

Very old-school furniture here

Package price, but don't have to worry cos the lady doing the eyelash extension does not do any hard-sell of the package to the customers & she is a very nice lady. She does facial also.

Wanna see the differences of my lashes?

These are my natural(ly) short lashes

These are with just 1 coat of brown mascara

And these are with the eyelash extension (ok, I asked for longer & curler ones)! 

Tada~~ end result (with only mininum makeup on)! 

If you're also looking into doing eyelash extension but don't know where to get it done without being "hard-sell" on packages, try Morning-City Beauty House. However, she is quite popular. Thus, bookings is a must! 

Morning-City Beauty House
Blk 505, #01-430
Bishan St 11
Singapore 570505
Phone number 6352 9373

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