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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Reunion Dinner 2014

We had our reunion dinner last Sunday at kor's house

On the way to kor's house, the boys were shag after their swimming lessons & Cyrus's 1st Birthday celebration

All the boys were hungry, thus, all of them gets to eat first

Nathan, definitely my cutest nephew! 

The kiddos are done, finally our turn!

Garlic Prawn, requested by me


Us =)

Kiddos started playing & can you imagine the noise level of 5 boys? check out this video:

Taiwanese Beer for refreshment

The boys, tired liao.. tie to go home cos the elder boys gotta go to school the next day morning

Saw a sleepy cat sleeping in the unused basin at the void deck. The cat is really so sleep it woke up to look at us when we walked near, then went back to sleep again

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