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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Recipe: Egg Roll aka Love Letter

Chinese New Year is just 3 weeks away, so it's time to start making some CNY goodies. I found this recipe online 2 years ago & I attempted to make & it tasted quite good. 

Didn't have time to make last year, so I decided to make this year. Had a trail run last week. A little hiccup in the start but end result not bad.

3 Eggs
190gm Sugar
500ml Coconut Milk
100gm Plain Flour
80gm Rice Flour
20gm Starch (I sue Tapioca Starch)

1. Beat eggs & sugar together till sugar dissolves
2. Add coconut milk, mix well
3. Add plain flour, rice flour, starch, mix till no lumps

Heat & lightly brush the electric grill with oil, and I'm ready for baking!

I don't have the proper equipment for rolling the egg rolls (love letters), plus it's way too hot, so I only fold it into fan-shape. 

Also, I feel it looks quite pale when the light on the toaster goes off, so I toast it a little longer, in the end it looks quite dark but still good for own consumption

Daryl insisted on helping, so I let him keep it into the container

I found heavy-duty glove & inspired by the TVB Drama, I added some pork floss into some of them. Taste pretty good! However, instead of folding it shaped like envelope, I also fold it into fan-shape cos I'm a little slow & it started to get hard when it is slightly cooled & it also started breaking.. hahaha

Shall do one more round sometime next week. Hopefully it'll look better =)


Puroland said...

I still rem when we were young, we used help the adults to roll it into love letter using the chopsticks while its still hot. :)

Pauline Tan said...

haha.. I never like to help mum with that cos it's very hot & always gets scolding when I'm slow

Mark wong said...

Thank you for featuring TAKADA love letter toaster on your Blog:)
Is it okay if I share this page with the public?

Pauline Tan said...

Hi Mark, sure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, where did you get d toaster from?

Pauline Tan said...

I bought the toaster from Giant at Junction 10