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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Chinese New Year Eve (年除夕)

It's 年除夕 & I'm sure many of the households are ready to celebrate the Year of Horse.

I woke up & saw this! Few containers are homemade fried stuffs & the rest are gifted, including 4ctns of oranges & 4kg of bak kwa!

I have been sick since start of 2014 & so do not really have any mood or energy to do any preparation for New Year, so I took leave to get it done! First on the list, Liese my hair, but still the color couldn't really be seen. Looks like I have to get it done at Saloon soon

After doing my hair, I realized that I do not have Top Coat when I wanted to paint my nails, so went to Junction10 to buy a new one. While at Watsons, sis asked me to help buy some stuffs from Giant

While q-ing for my turn to pay, I left the basket on the floor as it's very heavy. Then... ... this idotic guy (snap this pix after the incident while he's waiting for his drink at Gong Cha) who wanted to cut across the queue to get out of Giant, CROSS over my basket that is on the floor! 

FARK! HE'S DAMN FARKING RUDE CAN?!?!?!?! Don't know how to open his mouth & say excuse me is'it? Dumb or what? I "ooi" at him but he simply just continue walking! The girl behind him then say "excuse me" & walked past me from my back. 


Back home, sis is already back from marketing & she bought me vegetarian bee hoon for lunch

After lunch, I get done to painting my nails

Bedsheet also changed to one printed with my favorite flower

Sat down to enjoy my homemade Sugared Popiah Skin & Taiwan Beer when all's done!

Drowsy after taking cough mixture, nuah on the lazyboy armchair waiting got the VVIPs to arrive

YuSheng - complimentary from one of the trainer at sis's work place. Very ho-liao with lots of Salmon, Octopus, Jellyfish & Scallops! 


Vietnamese Styled Otah



After dinner, sis & bil went out to do some last minute grocery shopping while I went to bed early as I'm feeling drowsy & also working on the next day!

I hope you had an enjoyable reunion dinner :)

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