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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Yeah!!! Finally it's the Multiply's CNY gathering! The gathering which I love most cos I'm gona feast with my favorite girls =) Theresa is hosting us again this year.

I found this cheongsam top in sis's wardrobe. I bought this top online last year but couldn't fit in, so I gave it to sis. Surprisingly, I manage to fit in this year but the tummy area stilll bulging a bit lah.. haha

At the void deck waiting for Eeling to pick me

The usual activity I had with the girls every time I hitch a ride from Eeling is to snap some pictures with her girls. The girls so sweet today leh.. Usually they will call me "Pauline 阿姨" but today they call me "姐姐”! Ji Eun found my Tokidoki photobomb app on my phone & requested for the characters to be on the photo

When we reach, the kiddos immediately went to Alyssa's room!

The stuffs Theresa prepared!

The Doraemon fishcake damn cute lah.. Fiona's favorite & she happens to blend in with the Doraemon =D

The feast!

Tom Yum pot for us, girls!

Wah!!!!! *eh, Janice photobomb us behind! haha

Geok Ping came with her homemade wanton. She didn't wrap it cos she's afraid it will turn soggy

We then help to wrap the wantons

My first attempt! haha

Not bad.. quite nice looking.. heehee

The rest of the pictures needs no caption!

Yusheng from Sushi Teh. Ok, we added some abalone slices =)

*what's with my expression huh? lol

Pictures first!

Huat arh!

Angeline's first attempt in making jelly. Nice =)

Angbaos from the girls.. =) paisey... heehee

I'm glad I met these girls online years ago & became best of friends =) Thank you girls for the many wonderful times spent together & I'm counting down to more wonderful times! *feeling blessed*

Reached home, changed & off to Kogu's house for mahjong again

No feast today. Only Pizza from Domino's & some homecooked indian dishes *phew*

Handsome boy as usual, fooling around with me while the others goes for smoke break!

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