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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hello~ Year of Horse (大年初一)

Hello~ Year of Horse! 

Here's wishing each & everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year 

祝大家: 新年快乐; 万事如意


Greetings from Agility! 

This year I gotta work cos there's no Muslim/Indian staffs & also it's month-end. But well, it's not an issue since I only have 1 place to visit & usually everyone will only reach about 3pm. 

Breakfast is McDonald's Sausage McMuffin bought by colleague & some braised stuffs from home. After breakfast, start work liao! 

Time check: 2pm & work's done! Now on the way to the Tan Family's HQ for visiting. Taking direct bus to Tampines from Changi & surprisingly, I'm the first to reach this year! 

The Tan Family HQ

Pig Stomach soup cooked by Aunty Shirley. This is a must-have every year!

Steamboat - standard stuff you see in almost every family

Next... ... pictures time!

Joylyn, Cedric & baby Luke

SIL, whom almost everyone thought she is my sister when I'm working at McDonald's Suntec back in 1999

Nathan's "just-wake-up" look

With Joshua at the back

His tee so cute.. =)

Nathan & Daryl

Daminen, why you look so grumpy?

Jack. This angmo kid insisted on wearing red, so wore a red shirt inside his white top

Kiddos started playing & Luke happily shares his toys with everyone

Kiddos at play

Luke senior & Luke Junior

Few pictures with other cousins

Then the cousins started fooling with Instavideo cos 1 of them found this feature at Instagram only recently (so slow.. haha) 

Doing a Coke advert? haha

Crazy Cousins

Huat arh! 

Uncle Jeff who is quite good in playing instruments

Then we had Yusheng 

Lou arh! Huat arh!

My Sister; my best friend =)

On the way home.

Angbaos collected are getting lesser every year, but good liao cos at my age still single, not many people will give angbao already.. haha

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