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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Finally a day off & able to sleep late! 

Breakfast today.. Braised egg, duck & cabbage.. so fattening but I like 

This tub of CNY goodie is the best stuff I tried this year. Not sure what it is, but it sure taste like meringue & it's coffee flavor. Super melts in the mouth lah..  SIL bought from JB

The greedy dog staring at the goody on my hands

Then she stare at Damien, who is eating bak kwa! lol

How I eat love letters? Stick it into my fingers & eat it one by one. Damien wanted to do the same & he calls himself small monster & me a big monster

Then he started pilling his toys on me & all his toys got name ok?!
Sharkie Shark, Dolpie Dolphine, Bobby Monkey, Shawn Sheep, Sharpy (Orange) & Gaga (Green) Snake!


After lunch, rested a while then changed & out to Kogu's house

The little handsome boy, Keeren

He's doing the Lion roar cos Lion Dace troupe is coming

The KPO boy went to say Gong Xi Fa Cai to all the Lion Dance troupe members

Videos of the Lion Dance

Honestly, I couldn't see any numbers displayed here. I only see the word 福 while so many of them see different numbers. Most of them buy the number they saw but none of them strike

Steamboat prepared by the host - Kogu & Jenny. The Indians started eating first while we started playing mahjong

First time playing with Jenny's dad. Stress to the max playing with uncle!

Louhei! I bought this from Kuriya Fish Market. Quite nice & comes with 3 types of sashimi

Haha.. I bet you've never seen Indians louhei-ing right? I have multi-racial friends, so yearly louhei at Kogu's house includes louhei with Indians & Muslims. Now, who says I'm racist? 

Gosh! The amount of food the host prepared, I reckon it's enough to feed the entire kampung for days!

Woots~ the handsome boy telling me secret~

Then he was reciting some CNY lullaby

Finally a picture of Heeran. He take longer time to warm up

Nizam, enjoying the massage on Kogu's new Osim uInfinity massage chair!

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