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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Recipe | Muah Chee

The heavily pregnant woman at home sent me a recipe of muah chee and told me to make cos she has craving of it but yet lazy to make.
The ingredients needed to make muah chee. As I'm using airfryer to make the muah chee, I put all ingredients into the baking tray and mix all together.
120g Glutinous rice flour

180 ml water

1 tsp fine sugar

2 tsp sesame oil

Mix everything together

Into the airfryer it goes at 180* for 10 mins

Separately prepare the ground peanut. I add on 1 tbsp of sugar into the peanut powder to make the peanut powder sweeter. **do note that sugar is optional.

~~ Ding ~~ ready in 10 mins

Remove from baking tray and put it into the peanut powder

Cut into smaller pieces and mix well

Tada ~~ pipping hot muah chee, ready for everyone at home! 

For those who loves eating muah chee can try making it cos preparation takes less than 5 mins and you can enjoy a big plate of muah chee! 

Have fun!

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