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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Buffet Town | Birthday with The Team

Birthday is around the corner and so the teammates arranged for a an early celebration as I will be on leave during my birthday week. 
This lovely cupcake from Twelve Cupcake was the very first birthday cake I received ONE month in advance due to a beautiful miscommunication =DOn the actual day of dinner with the team, I had to wait for Hazel cos she says she is preparing an eye mask as the venue is kept a secret from the birthday girls!Yes, birthday girls cos Chloe is also born in December & we're celebrating together. Gosh! Look at the eye mask Hazel did. So like pantyliner lor!No way we wanna wear it, so we close our eyes instead. Aiya, what's there to be surprised? When we cab to Raffles City, I already knew it would be Buffet Town!What surprised me was this! Balloons in our favorite colors. Well, actually my favorite color is blue leh, but red/pink also can lahBanner on the cake was done by Siew Hoon & May in the morning befor they went out for stores visitingHappy Birthday to Chloe & myself =)Wahaha... as usual, seafood will always be on my first plate! Didn't really eat alot of the cooked food cos they are too normal. Seafood is always my first choice of food when it comes to international bufferOf cos, dessert will always be the last thing that goes into my tummy 2 of the CN5 CS came & surprised me with a bouquet of flowers!And so ... .... wefie time!The rest of the pictures needs no caption =DHonestly, it has been years since I last had a proper birthday celebration with the teammates. 
A very BIG Thank You to each & everyone, especially Siew Hoon who took the effort to plan & execute this awesome birthday celebration! 

Buffet Town
 Raffles City, #B1-44E
252 North Bridge Road,
Tel: 6837 3793

Operating Hour:
11.30 am to 3 pm daily (Last order at 2.30 pm)
6 pm to 10.00 pm daily (Last order at 9.30 pm)

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