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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mad For Garlic | Vivian's Birthday

Vivian's birthday so Siew Hoon initiate a dinner with the team. 

Honestly, it's not easy arranging for dinner for the team cos 6 out of 8 don't consume beef; and out of the 6, 1 don't consume raw Japanese food, 1 is allergic to chicken & duck; 1 allergic to prawn & 1 allergic to squid. Seriously, I feel buffet is best option but all 6 of them are small eater. 

Plus, logistics is another issue cos 3 stays in the East, 3 in the West, 1 stays in the South & 1 stays in JB! Aiyo, faint lah (-_-)

In the end, we settle on Mad For Garlic cos it's in the Central & it's probably going to be slightly pocket friendly since I have 3 e-vouchers on The Entertainer which is one-for-one on main dish. 

The girls went online to check the menu & listed out those that wanted to tryGroup picture before food arrivesGarlic Baguette (full loaf). Garlic butter wasn't very fragrant but baguette is very soft.Garlic Bread Tower. Baguette served with garlic puree. Staff proceed to stuff the garlic puree and he was too fast we didn't get to snap the original look of the tower.After the puree is being stuffed, it was flatten and cut into pieces. It was supposed to cut into 4 pieces, we requested it to be cut into 8. A little bland we feel. Apart from myself who had Garlic Steak to myself, the rest of the ordered pizza & pasta for sharing so that they get to try more variety. 
Steak is tender & juicy but a little bland except for the taste of garlic. Though I like garlic, but this is a little way too much lah =D

Garlic Snowing Pizza. 

Garlicholic Rice proves to be the popular dish for the night for the girls

Lobster Cream Pasta. Some find it a little too creamy

Garlicpeno Pasta, another favorite with the girls

Red Devil somehow taste a bit like prawn noodles
Toilet break after food 
Young girls being young girls, toilet wefie is a must =D

What?! Is that a cake or garlic baguette? 

Siew Hoon wanted something different . Instead of ordering a cake, she ordered garlic baguette & request the staff to stack it up so that it looks like a 3-tier cake.

I bet none of you had such a birthday cake before right? Laugh die us lah .. =D

Happy Birthday, Vivian

Then we went fooling around with the garlic which is on display outside the restaurant

As mentioned, I utilize all 3 of the e-vouchers from The Entertainer & saved about $60 for the meal
Then we went llao llao cos most of the girls have not tried before

Happy mid-week, everyone! 

Mad For Garlic
No 3 Temasek Boulevard 
#02-300/301, Suntec City Mall. 
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6238 1930
Opening Hours: 
Sun - Thur: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11.30 am - 11:00 pm

llao llao
No 3 Temasek Boulevard 
#02-313, Suntec City Mall. 
Singapore 038983

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