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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Murukku Making & ATeam Dinner

Halo ~~ it's been a while since I last met my handsome little friend and he has been asking when am I going over cos he misses me. Thus, I made plans with Jenny to go over as I wanna learn how to make murukku, but told her not to let the little guy know that I'm going. 

The little guy was shocked to see me as he thought it was his mummy's Indian friend who is comingSo we fool around before Jenny is readyOK, we are ready to make! Jenny's mil highly recommends this murukku flour. We also add cumin seed, onum seed & jintan manis seed for spice flavorAdd all the 3 different seeds, butter & warm water to the flour. Don't ask me the quantity of all the other ingredients cos I was told to add a little of everything. When I look at Jenny, she replied saying that's what her mil told her. Knead all the ingredients into a dough that is not so soft & not so hard. OMG .. how?Once done, cover the dough and let it sit for 10 minsPut the dough into the grinder and press out the dough. Jenny successfully churn out the doughMy work! wth?! Like a pile of shit lah! It keeps breaking and unable to make full circle.Finally managed to make a few but it all broke when placed into frying pan. The we realized that the dough is a little too wet, so Jenny decide to throw the entire dough away & remake another batch of doughAnd so I try it again & yes, this batch of dough is a lot better. It's harder & easier to churn the dough out. Yeah.. finally a nice one!Sent for frying. I'm in-charge of churning out the dough while Jenny is in-charge of fryingTada ~~ not bad looking right?Not only it looks good, it takes good too!Thanks Jenny for guiding me in making my first tub of murukkku!Even Heeran if also full of praise for the murukkuWe also make some cornflakes tartWith Keeren helping to fill the cornflakes into the cuppieBut ... ... look at the floor condition =DDing ~~And then we were fooling around while waiting to go out for dinnerDinner is at Pasir Panjang Food CentreBBQ Chicken WingIndian RojakMutton & Chicken SatayTahu GorengSalted Egg CrayfishBBQ StingrayOyster EggAgain, it's obvious we over ordered and end up stuffing ourselves sillyKogu says this lady who sells Oyster Egg look like me. What do you think? =D
Everyone I know who tried the murukku is full of praise. Maybe I shall try and make a batch one of these days to master the skill of making murukku =)

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