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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Diwali 2015

Happy Diwali ~ 
It's been a yearly affair that I go visiting with Kogu to his mum's & auntie's place but I didn't go last year as I was working quite late. 

Tāttā (grandpa) bought new golf set for the boys 

Silly boy came smelling my hair =D

Then I went over to another room and he came running into the room with Jenny's phone & says he wants the take picture with me =)

One more with my phone

With their helper, Ika

Pāṭṭi with her pērappiḷḷaikaḷ (grandchildren)

Pāṭṭi (grandma) is not feeling well this year, so Tāttā takes over the cooking. 

Ruku also made cake for dessert. 

Then Kogu went to ransack his own drawers and found these pagers. Surprisingly, the Singtel one is still working after they put battery into it =D

He also found his old passport. How many of you actually holds the passport before? This blue passport only allows you to travel between Singapore & West Malaysia. 

Oh hi, Hugo! Its's been long time since we met!

Hugo was a male Labrador that they adopted about 10 years ago after his previous owner lets go of him. He was also born without testicles. Now at 14 years, he couldn't really walk a lot cos of old age & a little over-weight. 

But he is still cute. Isn't he?

After pāṭṭi's house, we went back to Kogu's place cos the boys are grouchy already
Someone multi-tasking! Watching video & ready book at the same time.

After settling he boys, we went for dinner at Tobby's before going to his aunt's place

Cheese Sticks & soup of the day

Battered Mushroom

Salmon Steak, which is slightly overdone.

At his aunt's house. Before I can even step in, his cousin offered me beer liao!

Haha... one more doggie. Beannie the JRT sniffing my jeans cos he can sense Hugo's "presence" .. lol

Home with food tabao-ed from pāṭṭi's house. Briyani, mutton curry & sambal chicken. The moment I reach home, 1/3 portion of every dishes is immediately being whacked by bil! 

Jenny also passed me 2 bottles of DOM to sis cos these were siting in her cupboard for a couple of years. She says hopefully it is not expired cos she couldn't find the expiry date. 

Once again, Happy Diwali! 

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