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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Toby's | AFamily Dinner

Hello Toby's, we're back! This time, the 2 kiddos came along cos their daddy wants to bring them for desserts
Someone is a little moody cos his daddy days he can only eat 1 scope of ice cream if he doesn't wants to eat =DAnother one is so much more hyper cos he can't wait to try new foodSmall boy insists on having Spaghetti, so here he goesSpicy Seafood Marina for myselfPork Sandwich for KoguWhile Jenny had Hawaiian PizzaBig boy is still moody cos being forced to eat spaghetti Some one obviously is enjoying is food!So happy he even asked for more!Dessert that comes with the kid's mean. Brownie & a scope of ice creamTo-by or not To-by for Jenny cos she wants to try other mudpiesVanilla Ice Cream for the big boyKogu couldn't decide what to have for dessert, so the boss served him Leaning Tower of Toby'sBoss also recommended Spike to me. Wanna guess what's in there?DURIAN! Quite yummy yo! =DEveryone enjoys the dessert & we vowed to come for more!

TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum
80 Marine Parade Road, 
#02-68/69/70 Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Phone: 6346 2435

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