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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Alexia | One week young

Sam, Angeline & Fiona planned for a trip to Theresa's place to visit both mummy & baby cos they do not have time to visit when both are in hospital last week. Since I'm free, I tag along with them
We initially wanted to tabao our dinner & have it at Theresa's place but it doesn't seem like a good idea, so we went for dinner at the nearby coffeeshopAlso bought some stuffs for mummy & 2 princessesChubby little girl is again sleeping soundlyOh.. she has very long fingersAnd after an hour or so, she is finally awake cos hungry =DDaddy feeding while mummy chat with usMilk coma =DOops.. hungry again?!Thus, mummy continues to feedand princess #1 helps to carry & make princess #2 to sleepBaby not satisfied with feeding I think.. staring at mummy =D

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