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Friday, 17 July 2015

Ma Masion ~ Fiona's Belated Birthday

Ma Maison - a Asian fusion, French & Japanese restaurant at Bugis Junction has been siting at it's current location since the mall opens in 1997. But I have not any chance to visit the restaurant even when I used to be working in Bugis Junction. 

I finally had a chance to try when Sam & myself had an impromptu dinner date with Fiona for her belated Birthday celebration. 
Simple yet pretty table settingOur orders are being stored into this "hotel room key". Orders are stored in the key & you will have to bring the key to "check-out" when you leaveSalmon SaladGarlic PrawnEscargot, a little tasteless thouBoth Fiona & Sam had porkWhile I had the hamburg with foie grasWoah.. got hidden gem! Found an egg in the internal of the hamburgThen we went for dessert at Tai-ParfaitThe "fishes" very crispy on the outsideSam bought one with honey comb with azuki filling waffleWhile the other one I choose strawberry ice cream with chocolate filling waffleAfter dessert, we went for drinks at Gong ChaWe probably stuffed ourselves silly from dinner, dessert & drinks =D 
Anyway, happy belated birthday Fiona 

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