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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Durian Hunt | Sindy Durian

Met up with Anthony & his wife for Durian Fest 2015 at Bugis Street. It was stated $20 for durian buffet with t&c but... ... t&c wasn't stated on the pamphlet. Thus, we decided to take a look 
There was a "stall" right at the beginning of the event and it's $20 for take away. A big plastic bag is provided to you and you can take whatever quantity you want, as long as it fits into the plastic bag. However, you have to choose the durians on your own & seller will not help u to openAh.. the place where you choose the durians for the eat-in durian buffetBut no.... that's not the start of queueThis is the start of queue for the durian buffet. The $20 buffet doesn't includes Mao Shan Wang & other premium durians. For premium durians, it's $45!The queue went all the way to the end of Bugis Street & even longer. Thus, we decided to not join the queue and go somewhere else for duriansAnthony's friend recommended Sindy Durian at WhampoaWe were lucky enough to be last in the queue cos those who came after us are stopped from queuing as there are no more durians. Whatever durians here are mostly reserved. We queued for close to an hour just to get hold of 4 durians. The queue took quite a while cos the owner "QC" each & every durian before letting u decide if you wanna buy. Those of lower quality will be put aside & return back to supplier. Very good qualityWahaha... even the thin side had mini flesh tooThe aftermath of it from me alone =)
Durians here are of very good quality and worth the wait. But do note that as quantity is limited, it's best to call & reserve to avoid disappointment. Also, they are not open during off-peak season.

Sindy Durian
89 Whampoa Drive #01-835,
Singapore 320089
9710 2427

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