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Friday, 10 July 2015

Korean Spicy Noodles Challenge

Few days ago, Siew Hoon bought the Spicy Ramen for us to try and then she suddenly went to challenge the girls at CN5 cos she wanted to find out who is the Queen of Spicy
She funnily wrote on the packaging "CN6 sure win" =D 
So on the day of challenge, we went over to CN5 to meet the girls there. Cos we also need to bring some drinks over, I used my recycle meh meh bag and they all laugh at me for bring auntie. Alamak, more convenient mah, right? To add to more challenge, we use 5 packets of chili dressing to 4 packets of noodlesI requested for sausages cos just noodles are too plain =Doh-peh-som to see who gets to choose which plateIn case we cannot take the spiciness =D but we are not supposed to drink anything within the next 30 mins after eating the noodlesReady, get set... ... GO!Too hungry to talkKissable lips after eating the spicy noodles. Spicy challenge success!The the CN5 girls cooked green bean soup for dessert later in the evening

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