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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Voodoos Reunion Lunch

随缘's 掌门人回来了! Cindy was away for 1.5 years in the US with her hubby cos he went for an oversea attachment, is finally back. For that, we planned for a Reunion!

The initial plan was KTV but since not many of the group members can't make it, we changed the plan to have late lunch instead. Since the "organizer - Charlie" ain't really doing his work part, Angela, Ivy & myself decided that we should pick the venue instead of waiting for him. Angela after seeing my previous post  suggested Mueso, but the Weekend Hi-tea is already fully booked all the way to mid-August when I called! I then called Wild Honey but the earliest available timing is 3pm which we feel it's a little late. We ended up settling for brunch at PS.Cafe

Opt for the branch at Palais cos we reckon this place is more "out of place" so it should be easier to grab a table since they do not take reservation. Didn't take much picture of the cafe but the environment is pretty pleasant, with a little bit of outdoor setting & feel. 

Part of the table setting

Pretty Latte art on Ivy's Skinny Mocha Latte

Angela had the PS Balancing Tea (cold) while Whye Wan have it hot. Both agree that they tea has an Indian smell & it's only better with honey which is given at the side

The girls call my dink atas Milo-peng (expensive Iced Milo) but it's actually Iced Chocolate. Chocolate is a little bitter & can still feel the chocolate powder which I quite like

Charlie's Honey Lemon Smoother

We had a portion of Truffle Fries for sharing cos there ain't not much sides available. Truffle Fries here is being served with Grated Parmesan on top, so I dig those fries from the bottom & shake off the cheese from the fries.

Angela, Whye Wan & myself had the PS Big Bacon & Eggs. 3 of us had our eggs done with just the egg whites as suggested by the server, which I find it taste rather bland. Bacon is super crispy which I like it a lot. Angela had it with Beef Sausage (top picture) while myself & Whye Wan opt for Chorizo (pork). We all agree that the loaf is slightly over-toasted at the side & a tad too chewy in the middle, thus making it difficult to cut with the knife. We also agree that King Breakfast we had at Au Chcolat taste better

Ivy's Crab Tart is served with a pile of fresh greens. Tart is soft not too buttery, with generous servings of crab shreds. 

Charlie's Croque Madame. Didn't try this cos the loaf is also over-toasted, but no complains from Charlie

Spencer's Burger Brunch. No complains from him, so I reckon is good.

Cindy comments that the pastry for the Mushroom Wellington is very good

Below are pictures of the few of us. In case you still don't know who are they, I shall do a quick introduction again



Spencer & Ivy

Whye Wan & myself

Charlie & myself

Charlie, Cindy & Spencer

So.. ... she's our 掌门人, Cindy. Welcome back! 

For now, let's dig in!

Level 2. PALAIS S.C
390 Orchard Road

Weekend Brunch 9.30am - 5.00pm
Last orders 4.00pm
Weekdays Lunch 11.30am - 4.00pm
Last orders 4.00pm
Daily Tea 3.00pm - 6.00pm
Mon - Thu & Sun Dinner 6.00pm - 12.00am
Last food orders 10.30pm
Last bar order 11.00pm
Fri - Sat & Public Holiday Dinner 6.00pm - 1.00am
Last orders 10.30pm
Last bar orders 12.00am

Reservations, please call or sms (No reservations for brunch)
(+65) 9834 8232

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