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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Insinc - Travel on LRT/ MRT & Earn $

Wendy recently introduced Insinc to us. It is an Incentives for Singapore's Commuters to use the MRT or LRT and earn cash rewards. Travel off-peak and increase the chance of winning.

Since my office has shifted to Changi & the morning transport pick-up is at Jurong East, it has become a daily routine that I have to travel via LRT/ MRT, I decided to sign up for it! 

I was awarded Gold & given 500 points to start off when I signed up last week. I have 1505 points when I checked just now, and went for a few "Spin"!   

Used 640 points & won 250 points + $1 and now waiting for the $1 to be credited into my card

If you do not wish to spin, you can choose to convert the points into cash payout, but 1000 points = $1

Oh well, it doesn't sound fantastic thou, but it's better than none since the fares are not cheap! If you're a LRT/MRT user & have yet to sign up Insinc, you may want to sign up now using my referral code

**Updated on 10 Jul 13
Login to spin again & today I used 80 points & won $2..  hahahaha

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