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Monday, 22 July 2013

Event at ZhengHua Primary School

Daryl has some school event and sis thought it was in the morning, thus has a meeting scheduled in the afternoon, and BIL also has an appointment. In the end, I got to take half a day AL to rush home so that I can bring the boys to Daryl's school event!

We took a bus from home to Zhenghua Primary School

Some Indian art stuffs on the floor leading to School hall

Accessories for sale. Seriously, what's the purpose of this?

There were game stalls at the canteen & per game is $0.20 & all the game prize are sweets, which I personally feels they should be giving somethings more useful. Not quite a good idea for kids bringing home a big of sweets thou! 

Some ball throwing game

The boys then went out to the field to play soccer

Back to the canteen for more games. Damien's 1st game - bowling

Daryl holding Damien's hand, walk around the canteen to look for more games

Some aim & shoot game which Damien wants to play

Fwah, got The Hunger Game thingy with Nerf Gun! 

Back to the field again!

Last game of the day! 

Honestly, I don't quite understand the purpose of this event but the boys had fun playing games.

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