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Thursday, 4 July 2013

❤ My new Recycle Bag

As a donor of WWF, I'm a fan of recycle bag cos it helps Save the Earth. 

It's also convenient as I don't have to lug on few plastic bags when I do grocery shopping. I can also put in my yoga wear so I don't have to squeeze it on my regular bag. 

Honestly, I have plenty of them. My favorite now has to be the Cookie Monster one which I bought from USS, but I'm still not very much in ❤ with it. 

While browsing at Weezer's picture the other day, the idea of customizing a recycle bag come to my mind. I immediately search online & found TheXStyle

Choose the size of bag (W30cm H35cm, Handle High24cm), upload Weezer's picture, added some text & it's done with just a few clicks! 

Delivery is also very prompt! I placed my order last Saturday & the bag is delivered on Tuesday noon! 

Quality is also quite good. The bag is quite thick, but handle is a little too long.

Anyway... ...

Tadaa~~~ Presenting my new Customized Recycle Canvas Bag! 

Now I can carry Weezer any time, any day! ❤ my new recycle bag for the moment! 

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