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Monday, 15 July 2013

A-Team's Sunday Dinner

A-Team's Sunday dinner at Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant again, so let's check out today's menu.

Cereal Squid. As usual, can't get enough if the cereal & the squid is nicely done

Stir-fried Tang Hoon. Taste pretty normal

Assam Slice Fish. Love the assam here

Our all-time favorite again - Salted Egg Prawn

The lady taking our order asked if we want to order Broccoli w/Scallop cos she remembers last week we wanted but they ran out of it! 

After dinner we head down to Teochew Funeral Parlour at Ubi to pay respect to the victims of the Kovan Double Murder. The victims happened to be the father & brother of my Secondary School mate David, a very easy-going & friendly guy

David also knows my A-Team member cos I introduced one of them to and he became David's Supplier to his Japanese Restaurant at Batam. Few of them also met him when they went over to Batam.

It's not easy to cope with losing 2 family members due to unnatural deaths in a day, so I hope David will be strong enough as his family members needs him a lot now. 

I hope the police really cracks the suspect is being prosecuted soon so that David's dad & brother can rest in peace. 

Fatty Fong Seafood Restaurant
Blk 56, New Upper Changi Road,
#01-1300, Singapore 461056

Phone: 6243 8337

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