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Monday, 29 July 2013

Excursion to Night Safari

Whye Wan, Cindy, Angela & myself head down to Night Safari - Singapore after dinner at Heng Heng Curry Cafe to meet up with Wang Hui & Eric. Thanks to the group's new member - Yihui, who is a staff at Singapore Zoological Garden, we managed to get out tickets at only $17.50 after staff discount (Usual $35)!

A group picture (Angela's missing cos she'e the photographer) before it gets really dark at the Night Safari! 

We covered both the Fishing Cat & Lepoard Trail by foot & it took us about 2 hours cos we stopped at each animal for awhile. Sorry, unable to capture pictures of the animals cos I didn't figure out my camera functions till now & the iPhone4S is totally hopeless.

Rested our feet at Zebra cafe for awhile before continuing. 

Wang Hui climbed up the Zebra to pose lah! lol

Whye Wan is sporting enough to snap a picture with her, but seriously, I don't quite get why she show the 'thumbs down' 

After resting out feet, we head to Wallaby Trail & there's a cave featuring some insect & there's Scorpions inside. Oh well, Scorpions looks quite chio in the dark huh? 

We then head to the Creatures of the Night show. We practically walked pretty fast back to the entrance just so that we can catch the last show at 10.30pm. 

After the show, we decided to went for the Tram ride which you can get to see quite a lot of animals which is non-accessible by foot. 

One last picture before leaving. 

Quite an educational place to be, so I'll probably bring the boys here again when I have the time!

Night Safari - Singapore
80 Mandai Lake Road 
Singapore 729826 
Tel: (65) 6269 3411
Opening Hours:
7.30pm to 12.00mn daily
(Last ticket sale at 11.15pm)
Restaurants and retail shops open from 5.30pm

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